Our vision is for every business to have access to intelligent tools that help them succeed.
Akiltasi AI Projects has been developed by an award-winning team of experienced AI Developer, datascientists and technologists.
Together, we have combined the latest research in learning science, artificial intelligence and datascience to ensure
Akiltasi is underpinned by evidence-based scientific and AI techniques.

All of our products have been developed in a data-driven way.


Good Day!s

We are reselling products of various developers as well as our own Indicator and EAs. We are constantly looking for new and creative products.

We seeking for developers who want to promote their Indicators and EAs on our marketplace.

If you are interested please name the amount you want to have for each sales for each of your product. Then please provide us following to proceed:

Where to download the ex4 version with our logo (we need to promote the marketplace) when a purchase kicks off. Otherwise when you promise to deliver within 24 hours after the purchase, you can compile a new version for each client on her name and deliver it one by one, if that will make you more comfortable to work with us.

- A name for your Product (we will give a code)
- A brief description of your EA/Indicator, which will be displayed in the details section of your product
- At least 1 and at most 5 Screenshots of the product, preferably containing our logo.
- If available, the video demonstration (can be on youtube or vimeo)
- The price you want to achieve from each sales.
- And we will put your name at the bottom of the description as "the Developer", if you like to - otherwise you can use an Avatar name



Please consider that we are a start-up and it might need a bit of time to accelerate sales.

This marketplace will be yours forever.

To get in touch with us please use contact details at the footer.

You may fill out the Product Registration Form below or launch to the Microsoft Forms Page by clicking here or by scaning this QR Code on your device

Please get in touch with our team with any queries relating to systematic trading, quantitative finance or careers advice. We are always welcoming new developers to promote their related apps in our marketplace

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