IT Services

Today, almost no company can provide their services without IT. However, not every company has (sufficient) internal IT professionals to deal with the operation, troubleshooting, and further development of internal IT. This is where our IT services come into play.

What is IT service?
IT service is the provision of selected IT tasks by an external IT service provider. The company can decide for itself whether to delegate only a portion or all IT management to the service provider. The customer also has choices regarding the type of service. The type of service can range from monthly billing per hour worked to a versatile carefree package.

Benefits of IT services
Some advantages of using IT services are listed below:

  • Required IT resources can be scaled more easily: For example, if more capacity is required, they can be procured directly from the IT service provider in a short time, instead of first looking for and then training new staff.
  • You only have to pay for services that are actually needed: If usage fluctuates, you only need to pay for services actually provided.
  • The service can be individually tailored to your needs: you can decide individually for each area how much support you need from the service provider.
  • You don't need to build up in-depth knowledge of every software used: More and more companies are running many different software solutions. This makes it particularly difficult for small IT teams to build and maintain the knowledge needed for all software solutions. IT services can often at least reduce the depth of required knowledge in the IT department, because in case of doubt, experts from the service provider can be used.
  • Help for employees: Service providers use IT services to take on tasks that were previously the responsibility of the IT department. This gives you more time for digitization issues.

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